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IGP Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla geographical indication host our wines ¡Ea! and Mil Cepas Cencibel.

The vineyard located in the southwest of the province of Cuenca, encompassing different municipalities in the area such as Las Pedroñeras, El Provencio, Las Mesas, San Clemente and Pozoamargo.

This an ideal area for growing grapes as yields per hectare are not significantly  high, especially in old vineyards, furthermore, the many hours of sunshine , a long ripening cycle and the health of vines are excellent.

We work with autochthonous varieties of grapes, such as Macabeo, Airén and Cencibel, the vineyards are 30 to 70 years old.

The excellent sanitary and ripening conditions of this  area, make the region the El Dorado for elaborating wines in an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

The vineyards are located in limestone and clay soils, which are poor in nutrients, formed by stony, loose pebbles which affords good drainage and freshness.

In Mil Cepas vineyard the soil is sandy and with pebbles underground.

Located between 700 and 750 metres above sea level, with warm continental climate, long and harsh winters and dry and hot summers and with scarce rainfall.

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Our Mil Cepas Bobal wine is elaborated from grapes of the vineyard located in Casas del Rey, a small hamlet in the hinterland of the province of Valencia. This area is integrated into the Natural Park of “Hoces del Cabriel”.

The area has a Mediterranean climate but influenced by a mild continental climate due to the altitude and distance from the sea. The vineyard is located approximately 730 metres above sea level.

We grow the autochthonous  Bobal grape variety in a small plot called “Paraje La Palomera”, the age of the vineyard is 60 years old and with a sandy soil and is surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape.

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Our Fatum wines are elaborated under the D.O. La Mancha. The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Pozoamargo and Sisante, in the south of Cuenca, on the border between the provinces of Cuenca and Albacete.

The vineyards are on average 30 years old, and the white grape varieties are Macabeo, Airen and Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo and Bobal in red grape varieties.

Deep clay and limestone soils. In certain plots such as the Macabeo, the soil is covered by pebbles from the nearby Júcar River.

The vineyard is located on a plateau approximately 750 metres above sea level, with a mild continental climate, influenced by a Mediterranean climate, and cold winters and very hot summers with scarce rainfall.